A Coral Crush

I learned a long time ago to not apologize for not posting – but holy whoa, I’;m so sorry for not posting. It’;s as if time escaped through some vortex and now my life has been fast-forwarded a few months. How is it already March?! How is it almost April?! I’;ve been super busy – I hate saying that, because EVERYONE is freaking busy! But I’;ve filled my calendar up with so many things, of which running has become a huge piece of my life, and something had to give. Sadly, this blog was one of the first things to lose a piece of my time. I’;ve had slumps, but this isn’;t even that, I have the content – just no time to post it!!

So while the timelines of photos may not be current, it’;s all still me
picture 8591 A Coral Crush

I wore this outfit on a way-too-sunny day. If you know San Francisco, then you know we don’;t get too many of them. Especially not sunny AND warm days. I’;ve been really feeling this beautiful and warm shade of coral. I think it brings out the green in my eyes? The auburn in my hair? I see it everywhere now. I may invest in a pair of coral pants now too, that’;s how much I’;m liking the color. Also, because I think it would mix well with all the grey and navy blue I have in my current wardrobe.

Item From Made in… BUY
Uniqlo dress Uniqlo.com China HERE
Rag and Bone boots thrifted China HERE
vintage Futura watch flea market Japan
L’;oreal Infallible 702 Walgreens.com HERE
h A Coral Crush h  A Coral Crush

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