Dark Dressing

As you saw in my previous post, there are some days where I’m impossibly attracted to darker colors – in that case, attempting a skirt in a new silhouette. In this post, really similarly, attempting a skirt with a quite distinct silhouette – one particular that has a defined waist but some gathering at the pockets that gives a a lot more voluminous shape at the hips. So the basics aren’t fairly so fundamental anymore. Case in point, the final time I wore a black/neutral outfit back in early December, which looks so comparable but so distinct at the same time.

Scarf: no name shop in SF. Best: old H&M, would love to replace it with this one from Splendid. Skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim, thrifted. Tights: DKNY. Footwear: Loeffler Randall, bought via partial retailer credit from Shopbop. My style aren’t accessible in this color any longer, but these non-ankle strapped ones nonetheless are.

c   Dark Dressing c    Dark Dressing

I feel like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde some days – I require to locate a medium between the dark outfits and the day-glo ones
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