Made In USA Monday

Because I’;m flexing my fingers (and brain) to challenge myself to write more and get into blogging regularly again, I’;d had this idea brewing over some time to create some short posts about within my larger Made in USA theme. Of which, has sadly taken a backseat on this blog, but still VERY important to me in real life. A bigger post will be coming soon about my observations over the years, my accomplishments and failures, and current state of fashion.

In the meantime, I’;ll also be doing these smaller themed Made in USA Monday posts! So I’;ve kind of been enjoying the jumpsuit look. I’;ve recently purchased another one and I’;m shockingly into the look and seeing other people wearing them! I may get another…but if I did, I want to make sure it’;s something I can layer easily so as to not crash into the overly trendy zone. Which typically ends in falling out of fashion too quickly. I want something classic that I can wear for a long time. These 4 jumpsuits caught my eye! Best part, they’;re Made in the USA!

picture 4416 Made In USA Monday

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