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Matching Dresses

I never ever truly understood individuals that went crazy more than purchasing the exact same item in various colors – I’ve often wanted to incorporate as significantly assortment into my wardrobe – in brands, eras, types, and colors. That is until I discovered the sister dress to one particular of my favored dresses ever!

This Richard Chai for Target collaboration dress has been worn to a lot of sorts of occasions – from date nights to weddings, and has usually fit so nicely. The point fits like a glove and has some of the best Target top quality you actually don’t see as a lot anymore (it has an invisible zipper). I loved that it was 2 various colors with each other and that I could tie it at the waist.

Dress: Richard Chai for Target. Shoes: Gap designer series. Watch: vintage. Lipstick: Bare Minerals in Get Prepared.

c        Matching Dresses c         Matching Dresses

Old dress, meet new dress. Whilst what I loved about the other dress were the vibrant colors, I believe since I like the match so much, I’ll be receiving extreme use out of this classic color mixture. Creating me finally recognize, when you find something you love, you’ll want to acquire a lot of other folks of it.

Dress: Richard Chai for Target, thrifted. Heels: Target (looooong time ago). Lipstick: Bare Minerals Get in touch with the Shots.

c          Matching Dresses c           Matching Dresses

Do you have anything in your wardrobe like this, that you’ve discovered you require multiples of?

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