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Get Ready With Your Short Hair For Wedding

Your wedding day is about to come but you have some worries about not getting a great wedding hairstyle with short hair? No worries, there are lots of different elegant short hairstyles that you can choose! Read More

Handsome Dream House Designs With Amazing Minimal Planners

The calm and welcoming hallway in this dream house series was identical with the friendly personality of the owner and the down to earth character of both owner and home. This page was show different style of dream house include with the practicality of the house room and the function of every single space in this home. When we look out the outdoor space of this house, we will see the simple nice view of the home landscaping that combine with the great concrete building of the home. Next landscaping that will rob our attention was the handsome wooden flooring system that will escort us in this home and treatment our feed with calm and comfy atmosphere. Almost the whole space of this house was covered with this wooden flooring system and we can see directly into this page. The minimal silver interior planners in this home were look contrast with the natural wooden system of the floor. Those contrast combination can be seen through these amazing dream house designs.[via]

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Outfit Challenge: Matching Scarves With Your Outfit

It is that wonderful time of the year when you can finally put your boots back to your closet and take out your spring shoes. But you still feel like there’s something missing in your outfit?

It’s because you got used to wearing scarves during the winter, and now your neck feels kinda “naked”. That’s what scarves are made for. To make you feel comfy, elegant, and more “secure”. You can combine them with your outfit in every time of the year. Matching scarves with your outfit has become a “wardrobe essential” without a doubt. Read More