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5 Unique Lamp Designs You Should Consider For Your Next Remodel

Lamps make it easy to enrich the appearance and décor of your home with a lot of charm and grace. They do this in many different forms they enhance the lighting of your home while adding to the visual esthetics of your current theme. Even if you decide to simply add a lamp in a corner for better lighting it will bring together your entire look for that specific space by adding a visually appealing accent that only a lamp can provide. Read More

Get Ready With Your Short Hair For Wedding

Your wedding day is about to come but you have some worries about not getting a great wedding hairstyle with short hair? No worries, there are lots of different elegant short hairstyles that you can choose! Read More

Outfit Challenge: Matching Scarves With Your Outfit

It is that wonderful time of the year when you can finally put your boots back to your closet and take out your spring shoes. But you still feel like there’s something missing in your outfit?

It’s because you got used to wearing scarves during the winter, and now your neck feels kinda “naked”. That’s what scarves are made for. To make you feel comfy, elegant, and more “secure”. You can combine them with your outfit in every time of the year. Matching scarves with your outfit has become a “wardrobe essential” without a doubt. Read More

50 Perfect Page Filling Ideas For Your Empty Notebook

50 Perfect Page Filling Ideas For Your Empty Notebook   Do you have shelves full of blank notebooks that are just waiting to be filled, but you have some sort of anxiety about ruining it? I’ve definitely felt that before. Grab an empty notebook and just get started. Remember that it doesn’t have to be […]

The post 50 Perfect Page Filling Ideas For Your Empty Notebook Read More